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Aqua MassaquaSuper Viking Shark PunchMiami SharkMad SharkShark RampageFish MeLittle Fish Big SeaNew York Shark2Deep
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Shark MountainMad Shark
Miami SharkSuper Viking Shark Punch
Aqua MassaquaShark Rampage
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New York Shark New York Shark
Bring destruction to New York city. Even King Kong will feel your shark anger!
Doraemon Fishing Doraemon Fishing
Doraemon is gone for fishing. Try to catch as many fishes as you can and try to avoid the shark swim...
Shark Tale Race Shark Tale Race
In this game you are one of the characters of the Shark Tale. That is a Sea Horse. Race against othe...
Shark Mountain Shark Mountain
Use arrow keys to control your shark and kill people whoever trying to break your home. More people ...
Shark Rampage Shark Rampage
You are the most dangerous, deadly and evil creature on earth. And since you have caused too many de...
Miami Shark Miami Shark
This time you are an evil shark. Try to do as much damage as possible. Jump on boats and things to b...
Shark Attack Shark Attack
Rescue the men who have fallen overboard and steer clear of the Great White Shark. Use arrow keys to...
Super Viking Shark Punch Super Viking Shark Punch
Super viking shark Punch is a brutal game full of blood and gore. Try to kill the sharks attacking y...
Little Fish Big Sea Little Fish Big Sea
A little fish is trying to cross her way to her freedom. Help her by directing her properly and avoi...
Fish Me Fish Me
Save your little fish from the hungry shark. The more time you avoid shark more experience you will ...
Aqua Massaqua Aqua Massaqua
Sharks are circling your boat. Save yourself by rowing your boat in right direction. Try collect as ...
2Deep 2Deep
Use arrow keys to navigate your submarine and space to fire. Try to hit as many mines as possible. A...
Mad Shark Mad Shark
Eat the fishes and escape the divers who are out to kill the mad shark that is you!

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Top Rated
01. New York Shark - 7
02. Aqua Massaqua - 6
03. Super Viking Sha... - 6
04. Miami Shark - 6
05. Shark Rampage - 6
06. Shark Mountain - 6
07. Mad Shark - 5
08. 2Deep - 5
09. Fish Me - 5
10. Little Fish Big ... - 5
Top Players
01. jvaldez - 57
02. lhealy - 41
03. sonic888888 - 36
04. johnharris - 34
05. Mario - 29
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